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What people are saying…

“Before working with Josephina, I was overwhelmed with high anxiety, worried and fearful. Within a short length of time, a few weeks, I had clarity and calmness. Now, I’m more productive and I highly recommend working with her. She is great!”

Jolen Philbrook
Lighter Within.com

“I was lost, and needed a push in the right direction of my personal growth and within 6 weeks (actually sooner) like 3 weeks, I have made so many self discoveries. I’ve used the solutions and techniques to help focus my mind on what I need to do to help my personal growth. I’ve started to use other techniques more and that has given me a peace of mind.

My meditations have more meaning because I’ve been more at peace with myself and everything else. That had to do a lot with my group support as well! Hearing everyone’s perspective on the techniques also opened my mind and I was able to use the techniques from a better point of view. Now, I’m very happy I made the decision to be a part if something likes this. I’m happy with the progress I’ve made and I am more than confident in my future self!  Thank you! I loved your Master Class!”          

San Diego, CA

“I was only using the tip of the iceberg with the techniques, and within 3 weeks, I was creatively using other techniques and tools and applied them to different needs to make the shift to change to better moods and habits. Now, I’m feeling better all the time because I know I can use any tools and techniques to switch off and on as I need to.

I recommend working with Josephina and she must be a part of your tool kit! We are here to express and expand, and we can do it with each other through connection that will quantum leap us all!”

San Francisco, CA

"Josephina has helped me see clearer those parts of myself that I was afraid to see and heal. She loves what she does and that is why it is so effective. She guides with compassion and keen insight and has helped me go beyond self-limiting beliefs!"

Elaine Bolduc
Carmel, CA

“Josephina, Thank You so much! I can’t believe what I am going through these last two weeks. I have been so happy and my spirit feels so free and my body has never felt all these wonderful things for the last 3 years. I have such a high in life I giggle and take deep breaths from boasts of happiness spilling out of my soul, its wonderful.
I am so happy with my self right now; I know the physical shell of me has to catch up. Food is no longer my priority, I am! Yes, I am. Let me tell you people are telling me all these things like “I light up now” and how happy I look!” I am constantly smiling even in my sleep. Oh its so exciting I am filled with pride and happy tears. I have to get back to work now just want to say thank you and look forward to our next session.”   Renee,
Sacramento, CA Manager, State of California

“I am an extremely overweight person who began suffering all sorts of medical issues due to obesity. I know I’m one of those people who use food to cope and calm myself when life becomes overly stressful.   I would eat all sorts of junk and not even be hungry. In a most gentle way, Josephina Louise helps one release the pent-up tension and reasons why we tend to eat in this way.  I noticed after just two sessions, that I began to eat differently without it being a struggle or even a conscious choice; I just didn’t feel like eating those things anymore.  

I naturally started desiring more healthful choices and no longer found myself overeating to the point of being uncomfortable or eating a bag of chips at night.   Her guided imagery is masterful and the techniques she can draw upon seem to be endless.  I highly recommend her and always leave feeling better and better about myself and where my future is now going.  No longer feeling stuck or hopeless, rather I have begun feeling lighter, happier and healthier. What an empowering feeling that is. 
You have most likely never had anyone like this on your side.  She is very intuitive and always seems to know what would benefit me most.   Please do yourself a favor and make an appointment with her! You won’t be disappointed."

Samantha Dei
Sacramento, CA

“Let me ask you a question? Do you want to change your life? Then Josephina is your girl! Let me tell you how she has changed mind. I am doing what I love and that is assisting others on their healing path. She has assisted me in healing my past, so that I can focus on the here and now. I am walking every morning and I didn't before, depression is gone and much, much, more. I am going to be 61 this December, but I feel like I am 47.

Josephina guides you in every step of your life and on what you want to accomplish. Do you feel you have a life purpose and cant' reach for it? Do you have as dream to fulfill? Can you imagine you can transform your life?

She has assisted me with opening doors; so that I am no longer afraid to walk thru them...I can now live my life purpose. Remember you are the healer of your life and that it is up to you to take the first step. Is there some part of you that needs healing? She is here to hold space in order for you to heal.
Thanks, Josephina in helping me to put life back in my life and back on track.”

Love, Barbara, Sacramento, CA

“I just couldn’t believe it! I passed my tests, three days in a row! I am eight years old. I couldn’t get past my fives for a real long time. I didn’t like to read books, now I read two and three each night, and my mommy doesn’t have to tell me. And now, I am doing so well in school. Thank you!”

Roseville, CA

“I have always been shy, so shy that it was interfering with my life. I didn’t have a life. No friends, no social activities, and I was very lonely. I was ready to try anything. I heard how this program could help. After a few sessions with Josephina, something happened. Something so beautiful, that I don’t know how I lived before. I now have many friends, and many social activities. I am able to look people in the eye, and ask for what I want, say no when I mean it and stand up for my viewpoints. I have become a better person, and I am so happy. I would recommend this to anyone with any kind of issue that is keeping them from happiness! Thank you for all your help.”

Sacramento, CA

Thank you so much for all your help. I never believed that I could be helped. Everything seemed hopeless. Living my life was so depressing, and I thought I would never find happiness. With you, I’ve learned that I never lost my happiness to begin with. I’ve learned that happiness was always inside of me. I’ve learned that sometimes we just need to find someone outside of ourselves to help us. That was you! Thank you, thank you. I’m so different now. I know how to feel again, and I am calm from the inside, and happy. I have a new way of thinking and being.”

L. Martinez, Retired
Sacramento, CA

I’ve had insomnia for many years, not being able to have a good night’s sleep. I came to see Josephina, as a friend of mine referred her to me. We went through many blocks and obstacles, and now, I sleep just fine. I feel great, life is easier. Thank you for all your help. I’m happy and grateful to be working with you. I am a loving, peaceful and joyful individual and I know my healing is continuing, every day, I am better and better!

K Bovan
Sacramento, CA


I know it’s been a while since my last session with you, but I just had to tell you, and send thanks to you for helping me so much. I realized one day, as I looked back over the last two years and noticed what a change there was in me, my business and my outlook on life. I attribute it to your working with me. It’s funny how you don’t notice when you’re all healed, but you do when the pain is throbbing! Thank you for all your help, and I will come to you first whenever I am not able to help myself.”

Sabrina Muir,
Massage Therapist
Santa Ana, CA

“Dear Josephina,

When I came to you a year ago, I was way, way overweight. After working with you, I am proud to say I lost almost 70 pounds, easily, and effortlessly, just like you said! When I dissolved those obstacles, the fat just melted. I am happy with my life and my husband. I know I still have about 50 more pounds to go, but they will be effortless! I’ll be sending you another letter as soon as that happens. Thank you for being you."

Store Manager

San Diego, CA